Press Releases > The Yelp for groceries, GoodFoods will change the way you shop for staples

The Yelp for groceries, GoodFoods will change the way you shop for staples

San Francisco, CA., Oct.27.2015

Early this month, food enthusiast and coding expert Vitalie Scurtu and his team launched the GoodFoods Grocery Reviews app. Relying on data from local grocery stores and markets, as well as product reviews from food and nutrition experts, the app will map the inventory of numerous food stores and markets in the San Francisco Bay Area, guiding consumers to products that are both good and good for them.

Though many apps enable barcode scanning and product lookup, none offer supplemental reviews to help guide shopper decisions. Seeking out specific reviews for individual grocery products requires additional web browsing that is time-consuming and often frustrating. GoodFoods allows shoppers to scan products, read reviews and leave their own recommendations in one easy-to-use app.

The GoodFoods app translates barcodes into UPC's, which are matched against an internal database to show reviews right in stores. The GoodFoods database includes over 50,000 products with new products continually being added. Much like Yelp does with restaurants and services, the app encourages users to leave reviews for products they've scanned. "Just imagine how helpful GoodFoods can be for someone standing in front of a cold case, overwhelmed by all of the similar-looking options and frozen by the fear of choosing the wrong product," says Scurtu.

The GoodFoods team will initially focus on growing their database for products in the Bay Area, with plans to expand in the future. The early beta version of the app was launched on Android Play Store in early October. "We also plan to launch different features to help shoppers, for example a grocery store locator and FDA alerts synchronization to guide shoppers to better choices," says Scurtu. Starting with the staples that shoppers buy each day, GoodFoods is building a storehouse of reviews and grocery guidance, one product at a time.
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