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Ranch Style Beans

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turne... Food Blogger dislikes it


I've been eating Ranch Style Beans all my life and love them. They were made in Fort Worth, Texas for nearly a hundred years. This year, they were bought by ConAgra, the plant was closed and production was moved to Ohio. That's not all that was changed. The cans used to be brimming with beans with just enough sauce. Now fully a third of each can is sauce...they're selling us WATER. They taste the same and for that I'm grateful, but the can says "Beans" and I expect beans...not water. Some slick suit has decided to maximize profit by compromising the brand. Won't work here and I've bought my last can until I can shake the can and it sounds like it has more beans than water. And why would anyone pay almost $50 for a case? I can buy them at Sam's Wholesale Club for $12.00 a case.