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Tazo Organic Vanilla Rooibos Red Tea Latte Concentrate

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Mark W Chef Assistant likes it


This is really good because it is not really really sweet like some others I have had. You can actually taste the tea. I like tasting tea instead of sugar! So it has a nice mellow flavor. I make mine with soy milk.....I steam it so it comes out like a latte. I will difinitely put it over ice in the summer. I wish it was priced a little less tho so I could buy it more often!

Amanda C Writer, Journalist likes it


I love the flavor of this, though I suggest it as a "sometimes" drink, since concentrates tend to be pretty high in sugar. There is not actually any tea in the drink and no caffeine. It is a good alternative for non-coffee drinkers and sweeter palates, especially when made with almond or soy milk.