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Bigelow Chamomile Mint Herb Tea

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Nelson L Teacher likes it


...while the tea is steeping, and it tops off the delicate flavors and aromatics of the other herbs very nicely...not overpowering to the blend at all. They got the ratios of herbs right on this one, in my opinion, and I really enjoy it. It's a nice change from decaf green/white herbal blends or decaf black teas at night, and adds a broader varierity, not only to taste, but the beneficial sides of teas. I do recommend that you google for chamamile tea so you can better understand what the label does not tell you: chamamile is a natural sleep aid, therefore, may cause drowsiness. The product statement pertaining to this tea being good for any time of day should be taken with caution...just saying, read up on all the ingredients contained in a particular herbal blend you are considering, before buying, as they are beneficial, but can have side effects, also. Be well, all! Cheers!