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Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce

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Nelson L Teacher likes it


I have deep pockets (the wrong kind, the periodontal kind), my dentist last year was threatening to refer me for periodontal surgery. Last spring a friend recommended 'swishing' with coconut oil. Though I find it unpleasant to use, I tried to use it daily. When I went for my dental checkup in November, there was a new dentist, who said I had some periodontal disease, but not a big deal, just keep up with the dental hygiene regimen. Was this a result of the swishing, or a different attitude from a new dentist? Hard to know, but it seemed encouraging.

Baker L Economists likes it


Where do I even begin to say how much I love this product? I use it as a face and body moisturizer, in cooking, baking, in baths to soften skin, etc. it's so pure as it's cold pressed and does wonders to my ever so dry skin.

Barbara H Nutritionist likes it


works great and has many uses...

Dumitrita S likes it


Great product. I used it for lotion, but would have just as soon cooked and baked with it.