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Great Value Alaskan Pink Salmon

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I'm not sure why someone would just outright say that this is farm fish without knowing. If you look at the questions, that was of course asked about. The expert flatly says that this is wild caught salmon and not farmed fish. Although they can deceive, I don't think they can just outright lie, so I'm inclined to believe it and be happy about that fact. The bones, including the spine are soft and very edible as is the skin. The bones actually add flavor and calcium and the skin is loaded with flavor and omega-3's. The only thing in the can is Alaskan pink Salmon packed in water, and is a great alternative to me for tuna that has soy products (I can't find a brand that doesn't..."got gmo?") included. I also prefer the excellent taste over that of tuna which can be very dry. I would and have recommended this to friends. I eat this product right out of the can on it's own or wrapped in Kale or on a stalk of celery or similar veggie.