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Aidells Sausage Chicken Apple Smoked

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When we get very busy in our home, I like this sausage a lot for quick meal options. The flavor is a bit sweet, and works well with lots of types of vegetables. Usually I'll slice it lengthwise and saute it until done, then add sweet potatoes,potatoes and onions to the pan to make up a skillet. With a bit of cheese on top it's all the food groups in a one pan meal that my family enjoys. Mac and cheese with peas and sausage mixed in is another option that my daughter is crazy for. For that I cut the sausage into coins and cook it up, then make up the homemade mac and cheese as usual, add frozen peas and the sausage and finish cooking. The sweetness of the sausage with the salty of the cheese is good and it's just so easy to make.