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Superior Farms Leg of Lamb Seasoned with Rosemary, Garlic & Pepper

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Made this and followed the directions which said to make a small hole in the inner bag and cook it in the bag. The result was that the meat was steamed rather than roasted. It was fairly tender and tasted ok but nothing special. It had a bit of fat on top and because it cooked in bag, the fat was still pretty much pale and flabby. The meat sort of cooked in the liquids that were in the bag [some kind of tenderizer]. Kind of like cooking in a slow cooker. I prefer a plain leg of lamb, seasoned by me and oven roasted so that it is crispy. Had I roasted it, the fat would have crisped up and also basted the meat. I bought this because it was a small size and a regular leg is too big for 2 people. This weighed just 2 lbs. My suggestion is just get a plain leg and roast it. Or take this out of both outer and inner bags and roast it.