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John Soules Foods Chicken Fajitas

1 Construction Manager dislikes it

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danie... Construction Manager dislikes it


I honestly got this bc of the instant savings offer which seemed to be the only good part about this product. I normally don't write reviews but this deserved one. I wanted to make quesidillas with this but that didn't work out. The meat isn't seasoned. It's very bland. I had to season it very well. There are a lot of slimy parts that make you want to spit out your food. After my 1st failed attempt at a quesidilla I decided I would just use the chicken for my salad but I first had to pick at the chicken and pull off the actual chicken parts bc I didn't want to have hard chicken pieces in my salad. I honestly would not suggest this product to anyone unless you wanted to pick off tge good meat and season it really well before you eat it. Oh and I cooked the chicken some more until it was a little darker and seasoned it while it cooked. Couldn't eat it cold.