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Banquet Chicken Patties

1 High School Teacher dislikes it

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e_edw... High School Teacher dislikes it


So, I needed to pick up a quick dinner item from the store. I chose Banquet Chicken Patties because as a family we like chicken patties on bread with cheese and also because the price was great....was the taste. It was just okay. I've had better! So, the Big disappointment?! The taste... Also, I was very disappointed in the size of the chicken patty. I am used to putting a chicken patty on bread with round provolone cheese, but the patty was the size of a hamburger bun (which we didn't have)! There wasn't enough patty for the bread and the cheese was enormous when I put it on the chicken patty! It was bland! I was so upset, I thought, I just should have bought the nuggets 'cause I could have piled more on the bread. Oh well! I thought with "Banquet" I would have had more for my money... more taste and more meat. Boy, was I wrong! I guess I'm just going to stick with Banquet fried chicken and buy Perdue chicken patties