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Tyson Beef Pot Roast In Gravy

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Adina M It Consultant dislikes it


I bought this product based on the package claim that there was over "1 lb" of what I though would be meat. Comparing it to other packages of similar products, this looked good to me. After I got home and microwaved it, it sure looked like a small piece of beef, so I weighed the contents. The pot roast was a little less than half of the package weight. The rest was gravy. If you are a gravy lover, go for it! I was disappointed. I bought this at Food Lion. It was on sale for $4.99, which looked like a good deal for 17 ounces, but 8 ounces of meat at almost $5.00/lb was disappointing. Of course Tyson will say that they did not promise that the pound was all meat. To me, this is misleading advertising. Just my two cents!