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Saco real Skim Milk Mix n Drink

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Campbell S Nutritionist dislikes it


Be forewarned. This is the worst tasting instant dry milk I have ever drank, and I have tried them all. In order to tolerate it I mix it half n half with a known good tasting milk. The reason I buy it is for the convenience n speed of mixing the product. It eliminates any measuring, it is already measured out in one envelope. Hence the saving of time n energy. If n when I am pressed for time or feeling sick I grab this one for making milk quickly for use the next day. It is great to have on hand for times like that.Of course, it needs to be served very cold. The taste is enhanced with an ice cube or two. Other than that, it tastes horrible to me compared to other dried milk on the market. I am a long time and very experienced person re. milk products. This is my honest humble opinion. Sorry !!!