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Chef Boyardee in Tomato Meat Sauce Beef Ravioli

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Not sure why but this product is $1.00 per can at the local walmarts here in west tn. At the present online price of $3.62 for a 4 pack, that is approximately $0.90 cents per can. It's a good value in accordance with todays prices. I like to heat a can (not the can, the contents of :))and make grilled cheese sandwiches which make a perfect hot meal for myself and spouse. There are various additions you can add for variety such as grated parmesan cheese, sliced cheese, etc. Not sure why anyone would rate this product less than 5 stars. Really. Chef Boyardee has been around longer than I can remember, have made this product for many years, it's good quality, low price, and very tasty. If you want better, go to Italy and see if you can get a hot tasty meal for less than a dollar.