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Heartland Gluten Free Spaghetti

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Clark J Chef likes it


I have cooked using Heartland Gluten Free before and liked it. The texture is not as light as regular pasta but if cooked properly, you will enjoy. The trick is not to over or under cook it. Watch it carefully as cooking to test the texture. I add a little oil to the water. I've read this is not good but it works for me. I then rinse (sometimes) other times I proceed after draining and want it hot by dripping oilive oil on it, oregano, basil, tumeric and thyme. Mix carefulland and-- In a pan I sautee onions, grlic, red, green and yellow strips of bell peppers, ading tomato paste or tomto sauce. Place your spaghetti in plate or bowl and stir the sautee mixture over it and enjoy. Oh, add more of the same herbs to the sautee mixture (generously). Enjoy The gjluten free is more for those who are allergic to "wheat." Other pastas use wheat in the ingredients. I am allergic to wheat but not so much to gluten. There is a difference.