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Barilla Spaghetti

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e_edw... High School Teacher likes it


Tasty. And last a few days.

turei... Neuroscience Researcher likes it


The most famous italian spaghetti in the world. And there will be a reason, never overcooked and tasty, expecially in the carbonara or bolognese version. Absolutely adviced

Clark J Chef likes it


I've tried other GF pasta noodles and hated the way they cooked up, sticky and mushy. I did an internet search and saw a suggestion that corn pasta wouldn't be sticky. Unfortunately, I could not find corn pasta anywhere in the stores near me. But one day as I was passing through the pasta isle, my eye caught your Gluten Free packaging. I immediately stopped and grabbed a package of the spaghetti and penne. I was quite pleased when your GF pasta cooked up just like regular wheat pasta, and the taste was wonderful. Thank you so much for developing a wonderful alternative to wheat based pasta