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Softasilk Flour Cake

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e_edw... High School Teacher likes it


I didn't realize til after I bought this that cake flour comes in bleached and unbleached varieties, not giving it a thought. They say bleached flour rises higher, but I can't attest to that. In an Italian bread book I made a recipe that called for cake flour or AP flour; at the time I didn't have cake flour, so I used AP flour and the product was lovely. When I got this cake flour and did the recipe again, it was substandard and I made a note NOT to use cake flour for that recipe again. I don't know if all cake flours would have produced the same result, but, I am leary all the same. All I know is that if a flour is bleached, that means it contains chemicals I'd rather not have. The box states that this flour is already pre-sifted. The box also states that the contents may contain egg and milk ingredients which means I cannot use this for my toddler grandchild who is allergic to both of those things. I will try another brand and compare.