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Duff Zebra Cake Mix

1 Construction Manager dislikes it

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danie... Construction Manager dislikes it


I haven't even gotten these cakes out of the oven yet and I'm irritated! First of all, the picture on the box shows basically a 3 layer cake. I got ready to make my daughters birthday cake, and realized that the mix is only intended to make ONE 9" round cake. So I ran out and bought another one, and for the price, decided I would only make a 2 layer cake. So, I make each box separately, follow the directions perfectly, and both cakes are at this moment overflowing the pans and creating a huge mess in my oven. I already know that layering the two is going to be a royal PITA, because they will not be level. I'll update this review after I've tasted it, but so far...NOT HAPPY!